Site Application

Permanently paint your company name on site ladders and tool boxes using a reusable stencil.

Commercial Applications

Warehouse and safety signage, road marking and letter and number stencils are available in various size for different applications.

Cake Decorating 

Create a professional finish using our stencils and art work.

Wilks Electrical Engraving has a wide range of warehouse and safety stencils ready-made, which allows for efficient ordering and dispatch. Each stencil comes in a variety of sizes to ensure you have something to suit your application. These stencils are perfect for road & carpark line-marking, warehouse & safety marking, letters, numbers and other commonly found stencils. Mylar stencils are solvent resistant, flexible, reusable and extremely durable. They allow for excellent detail and crisp edges, even with intricate designs and small text.

If your requirements are not met with our ready-made stencil range, Wilks Electrical Engraving can produce custom laser cut stencils. These can be used for applications in industries including electrical, automotive, safety signage, company ladders and equipment, wall murals, cake decorating and much more.