Laser metal marking


Laser etching will create black engraving on metal using a CO2 laser. The process works like a ceramic glaze in that the laser heats the compound solution, causing it to change colour and soak into the metal surface. Laser etching can be applied to stainless steel, tool steel and some aluminium giving a solid black permanent mark. The etching is permanent and testing has proven that it will hold up to acid baths and heavy duty impact.

Engraved and paint-filled


Engraved letters and logos into metals offer a permanent solution to marking materials which will be with the product for its life time.
Engraving metals such as stainless steel can be difficult and time consuming, but the end result, offers a robust solution where the engraving can always be read. Engraved text can be enamel paint-filled, or left for a raw look.
Let us know your requirements and we can help you decide material type and the engraved signage solution to suit your application. We can provide all types of material from brass and aluminium to marine grade stainless steel. We can cut all shapes and sizes to match your application requirements.


Anodised Aluminimum


Anodized aluminium is a hard wearing material, light weight, durable and colourful making it ideal for use in labels, control panels, name plates, valve identification, luggage and pet tags. Aluminium can be engraving or laser etched, both of which provide a permanent mark which is impervious to chemicals and is stable under UV exposure. Anodized aluminium comes in various colours and thicknesses to suit your application.