Engraved Signs

Acrylic Engraved Signs

Designed to be more robust than vinyl signs, this process involves engraving the back of the acrylic surface so that the front remains smooth. This process takes more time to complete, as a paint-fill is applied to add colour. The end result provides a tamper-proof, long lasting sign solution.  No matter if you require a small label or large sign we can provide all types of solutions to suit your requirements.

Vinyl Cut Signs and Letters 

Vinyl Cut Letters
We are specialists in self-adhesive vinyl signs, decals, logo stickers and sticker lettering. Software cutting programs allow us to create brilliant graphics and vinyl signs.

Vinyl cut letters provide a cost effective signage solution. We simply cut out the letters and then apply them to your required substrate. The size of the sign depends on your requirements, but our standard sizes provide a quick turnaround with a professional look.

Our off the shelf sizes are:
  • 300 by 400 Gloss white single sided
  • 450 by 600 Gloss white single sided
  • 600 by 900 Gloss white single sided
Apply it yourself

Vinyl can be applied to nearly any clean, smooth surface. We can provide self-adhesive lettering for self-application. The vinyl cut letters come precisely positioned on a transfer tape. You don't have to position each letter. Simply remove the backing paper, press to apply, and remove transfer tape. The lettering or graphic remains permanently attached. Instructions for surface preparation and application are included to get the best result from your vinyl.


Saftey Signs

Digital Printed Vinyl Signs categories are below:
  • Prohibitionindicate an action or activity is not        permitted - ‘can’t   do’;
  • Mandatory - giving an instruction that ‘must’ be      carried out
  • Limitation or Restriction - sets a defined limit on      an activity or use of a facility - commonly used for road safety signage such as speed limits.
  • Hazard - advising of risks. Like regulatory, they are also divided into the following:
  • Danger - warns of a particular hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life-              threatening - situations or actions that could possibly ‘kill you’;
  • Warning - warns of a hazard or hazardous condition that is not likely to be life threatening, but could still ‘hurt you’.
  • Emergency information - indicates the location of, or directions to, emergency related facilities such as exits, safety equipment or first aid facilities - these are used to ‘inform you’.
  • Fire - advises the location of fire alarms and fire  fighting facilities and equipment; this classification is also a means of an ‘inform  you’ sign.


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